VBSC has been listed on Coigecko

Dear XTers,

To celebrate the successful listing of VBSC, XT.COM and VBSC will jointly hold a one-week trading competition starting from 22:00 on June 4, 2021 (UTC+8).

Time Period: 22:00 on June 4–00:00 on June 11, 2021 (UTC+8)

Activity 1: Trade VBSC on XT.COM, Win a Share of 400 VBSC!

During the campaign period, the top 20 users with the highest VBSC/USDT trading volume (buys + sells) that reaches 500 VBSC will share 400 VBSC.

Activity 2: Net Buying Volume Ranking

The top 50 accounts with the highest net buying volume (buys — sells — withdrawals) ≥ 200 of VBSC…


VBSC Gets Listed on http://XT.com

Trading pair: VBSC/USDT

Deposit: 14:00 on June 4 (UTC+8)

Trade: 18:00 on June 4 (UTC+8)

Withdraw: 17:00 on June 5 (UTC+8)

VoteChain: A great revolution in voting

Democratic voting is a crucial and serious event in any country. The most common way in which a country votes is through a paper-based system, but is it not time to bring voting into the 21st century of modern technology? Digital voting is the use of electronic devices, such as voting machines or an internet browser, to cast votes. These are sometimes referred to as e-voting when voting using a machine in a polling station, and i-voting when using a web browser. Security of digital voting is always the biggest concern when considering to…

VoteChain is a decentralized financial system built on ERC20 & Binance Smart Chain (BSC)with NFTs technology to provide fairness and is indestructible or impactful for the purpose of correcting or falsifying data.

VoteChain is a new generation of Decentralized Exchange, Based on communities with real ecosystems though voting.
VoteChain will make decrease supply token & increase value its (VBSC).


A great revolution in voting

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